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*Rates for our specialized services

On demand With subscription
First mental health evaluation (50 to 60 min.) $199 $179
Follow up with a mental health nurse practitioner (25 to 30 min.) $199 $179
Follow up with a nurse specialized in mental health (25 to 30 min.) $75 $60
Follow up with a nurse specialized in mental health (50 to 60 min.) $125 $100
Medical report of disability $60+tx. $60+tx.

Please note that some private insurances reimburse teleconsultations. Learn more.

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Olive draws on Airmedic’s experience in general and emergency medicine, which has been in the field for over 10 years.

Frequently asked questions

Wondering what Olive is? Or how does our service work? See below for answers to frequently asked questions about Olive.

  • Healthcare related

    • Who are the healthcare professionals who work for Olive Telemedicine?

      These are qualified professionals, who have several years of experience in various care settings. Assistants, nurses, and specialized nurses. All our general practitioners, partners with Olive, are disaffiliated from the public plan (RAMQ).

  • General questions

    • Can Olive offer the same service as a family practitioner?

      The Olive telemedicine service is a complementary service to the health service already in place. In order to have access to a family doctor, you must register at the Santé Québec access desk or via the C.L.S.C. of your sector. Our specialists do not provide long-term care.

    • Can I access Olive on my computer or mobile device?

      You can see a doctor or nurse via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

    • Is the Olive app safe?

      All information shared with our healthcare professionals is kept in a secure electronic medical file. The security and confidentiality of information is a priority for Olive.