24 feb. 2022

4 min.

Why did you create Olive?

Where did the idea to create Olive come from?
Olive Virtual Health Clinic was created in February 2021 by the leaders of the Huot Group, owners of Air Médic, a company that has specialized in emergency patient transport for over 10 years.

In launching Olive, the goal was to take advantage of Air Medic's medical expertise and address the lack of access to medical care by offering a new approach to medicine. Often, if you are lucky enough to have a family doctor, you have to wait weeks to see one. If you have to go to the emergency room, you can wait overnight. Access to health care is even more complicated for people who live in remote areas and may have to drive several hours to see a doctor.

Olive is now making health care accessible to more Quebecers by offering a telemedicine application that allows people to consult a doctor or nurse practitioner from their mobile or computer. It is important to know that 70% of medical cases can be treated by telemedicine.

How does it work?
Using Olive is very simple. The patient can conduct a medical consultation via video conference from their mobile device or computer.

Once the application is downloaded, they complete their file and can consult for medical advice for acute care, chronic illness, mental health care, or sexual health issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Olive Clinic prioritizes human contact, with the patient speaking to a health care professional right away, without going through an artificial intelligence system. The front-line nurse will listen to the patient and make a clinical assessment. In the event that the patient needs a slightly more specialized service such as issuing prescriptions, refilling a prescription, Olive nurse practitioners or physicians take over the consultation.

The Olive app offers a la carte medical consultations and monthly or yearly subscriptions to meet patients' medical needs.

Who are the professionals behind Olive?

Olive's medical team is made up of qualified professionals with many years of experience in the healthcare field. They are all registered with their respective professional associations. (OIIQ, Collège des médecins, etc.)

Is Olive safe?

At Olive, security is our top priority. Users' medical data is encrypted and remains strictly confidential at all times. Calls are secure and recorded according to universally recognized standards.

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