Virtual clinic

28 apr. 2022

5 min.

6 myths about telemedicine

Telemedicine is a relatively new universe that some people know little about. In this context of novelty, as in all technological advances, some people ask themselves questions. What are the benefits of telemedicine? Does it have more disadvantages than advantages? Without further ado, let’s go over 6 myths on the subject!

Myth #1: Telemedicine is expensive

Some people believe that telemedicine is expensive. Because it is a private consultation method, they default to associating telemedicine with certain higher costs, as seen in private physical clinics. Telemedicine is offered at low cost by some providers. You just need to find the right provider that fits your budget and needs!

Myth #2: Telemedicine does not offer a human experience

Some people think that because of the virtual nature of teleconsultation, the experience offered is less warm and human than in person. However, this is completely false! Telemedicine professionals have a personalized and empathetic approach to treating patients. A rigorous protocol is put in place to ensure that the experience is as pleasant as possible. Trying a virtual clinic consultation will certainly change your mind if you were one of those who believed in this myth.

Myth #3: Private telemedicine works against the public health service

There is a misconception that telemedicine runs counter to the public system. On the contrary, telemedicine is complementary to the public network. Consulting in a virtual clinic can relieve the system by taking care of certain rather minor health problems that would have taken up space in the emergency room, for example. Telemedicine takes its place while respecting the issues of the public network. In the end, people have the choice to use the private or public system, depending on their personal preferences.

Myth #4: Few cases can be managed with telemedicine